For good or bad, Liverpool star will always be wanted

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez could receive a 10-match ban in the coming weeks and he’d still be a hot commodity come the January transfer window.

The fact that both Arsenal and Real Madrid showed an interest in the Uruguayan this summer shows that very little thought can go into the idea that players aren’t always model professionals. When you’re as good as Suarez, you don’t always have to be. Although it is preferred, obviously.

But commitment is something that can never be questioned with the player, even now following his failed attempt to leave Liverpool. Aside from the lunacy that can completely take over, from a playing point of view you know what you’re going to get from Suarez.

The thing is he doesn’t even have to play much until the next transfer window to get many clubs interested. He has a reputation – a footballing one, strictly – that places him among the best forwards in the world. What if this was an injury we were talking about and Suarez was to be sidelined for four months? Would clubs still be put off? To some degree maybe, but with players like Suarez, there are commercial benefits as well as those on the pitch.

Liverpool may have stood firm this summer to not be bullied into a sale of their best player, but the Suarez still holds all the cards, at least the strong ones. He can perform poorly for the remainder of the season and remain confident that there’s always going to be a Florentino Perez out there who looks beyond sporting matters to acquire the biggest names. If it’s not to be the Real Madrid president, clubs like Monaco will continue to trudge through the harsh lands of the transfer market for the biggest name available. And let’s not get too drawn away from the fact that the majority of the big clubs in England will also register their interest if a sale becomes imminent.

The fact is, Suarez is still only 26, he is a player that more or less guarantees success from a playing perspective, and clubs will be falling over themselves to acquire him if they believe landing his signature is a genuine possibility. I can’t buy the idea that the player needs to get his head down and work hard, as if he needs to prove to the rest of the world that he merits a big-money transfer and that he is worth all the fuss. He may have a spiky nature about him and he certainly has a reputation that many fans would prefer to steer clear of, but as with the discussion about the player’s commitment, you know what you’re going to get in the way of success.

The question that remains unanswered is how soon Liverpool will want to part ways with Suarez. They kept him this summer as a matter of principle, but would the January window be too soon to go back on the stance held only six months prior?

Does Suarez have to work hard to earn a move away from Liverpool?

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