For the sake of Cesc, Wenger must contemplate swap deal

Football FanCast guest columnist Les Davis feels that Wenger should be tempted by Milan's proposed swap, in order to see Flamini's return.

You don't have to be a member of Mensa to realise where the fatal flaws are in this Arsenal side and it is something that we clearly need to address. If reports are correct and Melo was on Arsenal's radar then it certainly suggests that he has finally woken up to the reality that neither Song nor Denilson are up to the task.

I certainly don't blame Wenger for experimenting last season. There wasn't an Arsenal fan I know who ever thought Flamini would have been the man to fill the void left by Viera, but a little faith from his manager saw him become a key player for us. There was always the possibility that either Song or Denilson could step up to the plate alongside Fabregas; unfortunately it didn't prove the case.

So the big debate is who should be brought in and the press is working overtime to find that fit. As well as Melo, we have already this summer been linked with a move for Alonso, Matuidi and a possible swap deal which will see Flamini returning to the Emirates with Adebayor moving to the San Siro. While all would certainly welcome additions, it is the proposed swap deal that appeals the most. This is not because I despise Ade and I want to see the back of him, it is just that Flamini is exactly what we need.

I appreciate there are some supporters who would be dead against his return, due to his acrimonious departure, but surely all should be forgiven for the sake of seeing him alongside Cesc Fabregas. Let's be honest Cesc had his best season for us two years ago and it was Flamini who simply freed him up and allowed him to play. They say you miss things when they gone and you only had to look how out of sorts our midfield and Cesc's game was, without the Frenchman alongside him.  This is something that we are all crying out to be addressed and that is why Wenger should be looking to bring him back?

I look at some of the numbers being bandied around for the likes of Melo and Alonso in particular and it seems ridiculous that we would have to pay double at least the value of what Flamini would cost. The very fact that the aforementioned players are being touted as the replacements for him only adds to my bemusement. I can't believe for a minute that he wouldn't welcome a return to the Emirates and at the same token that Wenger wouldn't want to partner him alongside Cesc again. Perhaps Arsene is stubborn and is not so easily forgiving, but in my opinion he would be crazy not to put that to one side for the sake of reuniting that excellent midfield pairing. Unlike Alonso, Melo or Matuidi, we all know that Flamini is a great foil for Fabregas and certainly in the case of two of them will also be a damn sight cheaper.

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