For the sake of Jermain, Spurs should reach £4.3m compromise

Football FanCast guest columnist Jack Watts feels that Spurs should pay the £4.3m shortfall in order to tie up a deal for Huntelaar.

Just when we finally thought that Harry had finally learnt the art of keeping your transfer cards close to your chest, the mask has slipped and he is happy to tell all and sundry as to which players he wishes to sign. Perhaps it is an act of desperation on his part, after being frustrated at our typical lackadaisical approach in signing players, or Harry just sees this as the best way to buy players.

Whatever way you assess it, I am delighted to see the silence broken and aware of the players we are interested in, because we are often left in the dark. While around 80% of the targets that have been mentioned I could give or take, the move for Klass Jan Huntelaar seems to be universally accepted as the man that supporters want to bring in to provide the perfect foil alongside Jermain Defoe, I mean let's be honest he is a far better option than Crouch and has a vastly superior goal scoring record.

According to reports in the Daily Mail this morning the one minor detail that is holding up the potential deal is the shortfall in wages, which amounts to around £4.3m. Obviously Spurs have their structure in place which falls short of Madrid's therefore the Dutchman is apparently asking Real to make up the difference in order to push through the deal. This is all well and good and the chances of them agreeing to it would seem minimal, therefore I ask the question as to why we don't pay the required amount in terms of a joining fee in order to try and push through the deal. At the end of the day we won't be breaking our wage structure and if you add that fee to the £15.8m that Stuttgart agreed with the Spaniards then the overall deal will be just over £20m. When you take into consideration that we spent around £16m for Darren Bent, then it hardly seems too much of an issue, given the vast difference in the player's qualities.

I just think we need a player of Huntelaar's standing at the club, as not only is he tremendous goalscorer, but secondly his arrival is a real signal of intent and a measure of our ambitions. We are in desperate need of a top class target man who can work in tandem with Defoe and somebody who can fill the void of Berbatov.

Huntelaar's goal per game ratio is phenomenal and I can imagine him being a real star in the Premier League. Last season we really struggled in that department, having been spoilt for two years with the Berba/Keane partnership and that is something that we desperately need to address if we have any hopes of regaining a place in Europe this season. I believe Huntelaar and Defoe could be immense and therefore I don't think the club should blink an eye in meeting that £4.3m shortfall.

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