Forget David Luiz’s cheeky wink against Man United and LOOK at this reaction

Many fans will remember the David Luiz incident when he pretended to be hurt after Rafael kicked him and then suddenly began laughing when he saw Rafael being sent off, but if you think that was bad, this next one is a 100 times worst.

Chesterfield’s Daniel Jones went a little over the top trying to showcase his pain after being tackled by Sheffield United’s Michael Higdon to his team mates and most importantly the referee which somehow saw him acting like a fish out of water which also included a move dubbed ‘the worm’.

However, his very hilarious efforts actually worked after Higdon was sent off for the tackle, which looked like a red card offence either way, no thank to his rather childish play acting.

It’s rather hard to explain, so here’s Luiz’s incident during his Chelsea days so it can be compared to the clip in focus…CRAZY!