Forget Torres, there’s only ONE Fernando Liverpool want

Sunday football gossip can usually be treated with the same respect as that teabag you’ve left on the side for two days. You don’t really want to look at it, you know that it’s no good for you but you can’t quite bring yourself to ignore it completely (or as I am consistently reminded, just bin it).

So usually when I read the various football gossip columns with my black Sunday morning coffee, I take them with a pinch of salt. Such headlines over the years have included Messi to Chelsea and Kaka to Man Utd, so it is easy to ignore anyway.

However, last Sunday there was one that I felt deserved a little more than just a passing glance and deletion. I’m talking about the persistent linking of us and Fernando Gago. At 24 years old and in the same international side as Messi, Tevez and Aguero, Gago certainly fits the quality bracket that John W Henry appears keen to bring to the fray. Lucas has been a solid custodian this year and I for one love the guy, but in my opinion he has played the best when Kenny Dalglish has operated with him in his old Gremio role. More attacking, more freedom and further forward, something that he has requested for the last 3 years.

That leaves a huge gap and Gago would fill it perfectly. Referred to as the ‘new Redondo’, he can break up play, put his body on the line when needed and plays with a maturity that shouldn’t be present for another 4 years or so. Having played with Messi at schoolboy level, maybe “El Pintita” (I’ll explain in a minute), could persuade Messi that he’s achieved all he can at Barcelona and should now look to Stanley Park for his next challenge. Oh ok, I can dream can’t I? So “El Pintita” maybe takes away from the midfield enforcer reputation that he has built for himself, as the closest translation offers is the Beckham coined phrase of “Metrosexual.” (Apparently an old club manager caught him playing with his long locks in the mirror minutes before kick off, I think something similar happened with Jamie Carragher as well though so don’t judge). Just tell Steven Seagal that you can’t be a hardman with long hair, I dare you.

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Unfortunately for Gago, it is the pairing of one ex Liverpool legend (Xabi Alonso anyone?) with the ever impressive Sammy Khedira that means Gago can’t get a regular game and hence would be open to a summer move to the mighty Anfield and an ever improving squad. Also, impressively for a footballer, Gago is a keen art and literature enthusiast, and having spent many a cold Sunday afternoon walking around the world renowned Walker Gallery, Gago will have plenty to stimulate his creative flair within Liverpool’s impressive collections of world art. We won’t be the only team on the chase for the technically gifted young midfielder, meaning that we must qualify for some sort of European competition to be in the mix of possible clubs for the new Fernando. Sorry only Fernando.

So Gago is in the bank then, just need a left back and a few wingers and we’ll be back at the top!

Article written by James Dempster of Live4Liverpool