Former Spurs star handed unique accolade

From comical own goals to ridiculously easy wins, Pot Noodle reveals the top ten most legendary easy goals of all time, as voted for by Brits.

An easy goal is a footballer’s dream come true – except if it lands in your own net.

A recent own goal from Marcelo Vieira just 10 minutes into a match sparked outrage, giving their opponents the easiest start imaginable and inspiring us to think about other famous easy goals.

Research by Pot Noodle found that it’s Gareth Bale’s own goal in 2012 that tops the poll as the most legendary easy score of all time. The survey reveals almost one in 10 Brits would award Bale’s own goal, which bounced off his face into the net, as the most famous easy goal of all time.

The Brazilian’s boo boo from this summer ranks sixth in the poll, with others in the top 10 including Rob Earnshaw’s sneaky steal from the Norwich keeper, Robert Green, who put the ball down on the floor before kicking it, only to find it swept out from under his feet, and Erik Pieter’s fluke goal during the Stoke versus Newcastle match earlier this year.

Top 10 legendary easy goals:

  1. Gareth Bale’s own goal that bounced off his face (Tottenham v Liverpool – 2012)
  2. Peter Enkelman’s own goal following a throw in (Aston Villa v Birmingham City – 2002)
  3. Lee Dixon’s own goal that was meant as a kick-back to the goalkeeper (Arsenal v Coventry – 1991)
  4. Rob Earnshaw’s open goal after the goalkeeper put the ball down before kicking it, leaving an empty net (Nottingham Forest v Norwich – 2008)
  5. Asmir Begovic’s own goal 13 seconds into the match (Stoke v Southampton – 2013)
  6. Marcelo Vieria’s own goal against Croatia (Brazil v Croatia – 2014)
  7. Chris Brass’ own goal that bounced off his head (Bury v Darlington – 2006)
  8. Michel Alves, after making the save, dropped the ball into his own goal when he stood up (Criciuma v Amercia – 2012)
  9. Sead Kolasinac’s own goal – one of the fastest own goals in football history at just 2 minutes 8 seconds into the match (Argentina v Bosnia-Herzegovina – 2014)
  10. Erik Pieter’s fluke goal after the left-back’s cross rolled into the goal, securing them a win (Stoke v Newcastle – 2014)

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Survey was conducted by One Poll of over 1,000 British adults between the 30th June and the 2nd July 2014.


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