Formula 1 FanCast Launch!!!

You may think that Premier League football is all about the money and the women, but it pales in comparison to Formula 1, the ultimate big kid’s playground. Whilst many footballers like former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner may try and act like racing drivers, they just end up writing off their sports cars and earning themselves a huge insurance premium. Instead, they should leave it to the professionals in Formula 1 who make driving at over 200mph look like a piece of cake (although when they crash it is pretty spectacular) and show why they’re paid millions!

The 2010 F1 season will be the most exciting ever, and luckily for you we have launched Formula 1 FanCast so that you don’t miss a second of the action and can keep right up to date with all the thrills and spills this year. If you have dismissed F1 all too quickly before then we forgive you, but urge you to check it out this year. From the return of F1 legend Michael Schumacher to the teaming up of British Champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, everything is building up for a fantastic season. And let’s face it, England haven’t won the World Cup for nearly 50 years, but English drivers have won the Formula 1 World Championship for 2 years in a row so why not follow something we’re good at!

The return of Schumacher is a sensational story in itself and if his comeback is successful, and I wouldn’t bet against it being so, it will be just as impressive as Liverpool’s fight back against AC Milan in the Champions League final on that famous night in Istanbul in 2005. But don’t worry because us Brits will be fighting all the way to get one over the Germans once again. Still basking in the glory of beating Germany 4-2 in 1966 World Cup and that more recent 5-1 victory in their back yard, our boys Jenson and Lewis will be doing everything to make sure that we get another one over the old enemies this year. So celebrate on 2 fronts this year and cheer our boys to World Cup and F1 victory!

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