Gartside has more than played his part in Bolton’s demise

GaryMegsonBolton PodJockey Gareth Cunliffe is struggling to show any faith in Gary Megson, but feels that Phil Gartside is just as culpable.

I’ve never hated Gary Megson. Unlike the majority, I’ve always tried to give him a chance as the manager of Bolton wanderers, but after the Blackburn match, I’m starting to struggle.

Since Megson arrived all we’ve heard is doom and gloom around the Reebok. The press have all told us to lay off him, but I’d like to see a column from one of those glory-supporting toffs praising a manager that’s taken their club from the verge of Champions League football to constant battles against relegation. They couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I too would rather be writing about how great life is at the Reebok, but I can’t. The truth is, that in my 22 years as a Bolton supporter, I have never seen an atmosphere so hostile, a stadium seem so miserable and angry. It hurts to be among this. Bolton Wanderers don’t belong in this position, we’d progressed, or so we thought.

One question that’s crossed my mind about the clubs current situation was about the chairman. I’d always dismissed it as I couldn’t justify it. On Saturday, however, I read an interview with Sam Allardyce. In it he stated that he wanted to take Bolton further before he left, but could not get support from Phil Gartside. Two years later, Gartside has supported a manager with more money than ever before – and we’ve only ended up worse off.

How can Gartside justify his actions? The actions that have taken this club so close to breaking point. Why ruin years, decades even, of hard work? He is the figure that must take the blame for our demise. He makes the big decisions right? He decides the transfer kitty, the clubs aspirations, the manager?

Yes, maybe it I time for Megson to move on, but I really think that before Gartside makes another stupid mistake, he should look at his attitude, his way of thinking. He’s built up this club to where it is today; however, if he’d not been so petty about supporting Allardyce’s plans, when he clearly had the money, things could be miles better than they are now.