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Get your own back on Mauricio Espinosa!

There were many things England fans were saying after the 4-1 defeat to Germany, with one of them being “How did the linesman not give that?” This was something millions of fans were saying up and down the country after Frank Lampard’s ‘goal’ which would have brought the scores level wasn’t given. England supporters are used to linesman influencing their World Cup matches. Back in 1966 in the World Cup final, against Germany again, Geoff Hurst got the rub of the green as ‘The Russian Linesman’ said that his shot had crossed the line. Tofik Bakhramov was in fact from Azerbaijan, but England fans will always remember him as the Russian linesman, and the same will be said about Mauricio Espinosa in years to come.

Espinosa will always be known as that Uruguayan linesman who didn’t award Lampard’s goal. At least it’s better to remember the match for that moment rather than the fact that England were well and truly outplayed by the old enemy. Even his own wife Sandra “couldn’t believe his decision” and shouted “No, no, Mauricio, you’re wrong at the TV.” Espinosa himself said “Oh my god” when he saw a replay of the incident at half time, not exactly the words most England fans were using.

We will never forget the goal disallowed by Mauricio Espinosa in the England v Germany match. Although there’s nothing we can do about it, there is a way to take out some of your frustration on Mauricio. For the new film The Rebound there’s a pretty nifty online game, Bounce Back Attack, where you can upload a photo of someone you hate. So we decided to make one of Mauricio for you to unleash upon! Although I wouldn’t blame you if you choose Fabio Capello or any of England’s so-called stars that underperformed in South Africa.

You can check out the game at: and give Mauricio a friendly slap before turning your attention to your own figure of hatred in your personalised game. Who would you make one of? Just think Mauricio Espinosa’s error would have been completely forgotten if Jermain Defoe or Wayne Rooney would have netted the rebound, but that was far too much to ask. As it is Espinosa and the England players are the target of our hatred for this summer at least, maybe next time we can insist that there’s a Russian running the line!

Article title: Get your own back on Mauricio Espinosa!

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