Get Your “Kicks” for free from Game Tribe!

There comes a time in your life when you have to accept that your dreams of becoming a professional footballer are over. The waist got bigger, cheeks become chubbier and your once great talent is now confined to the back drop of Sunday Leagues and 5 aside pitches across the land.

For all the blood, sweat and occasional leg breaks, I wouldn’t have changed my Sunday League footy for anything but for all my glorious goals and mazy dribbles over the years, I feel I have finally stumbled across something that may have me hanging up my boots once and for all; an MMO game that is highly addictive and ready to take the online game market by storm.

“Kicks” is the latest product to come off the Game Tribe production line. Developed by Entermate, it’s a fast flowing 5 a side MMO game which is FREE to play and will enable people of all ages to play in the comfort of their own PC.

Having been bought up on a diet of FIFA and ISS over the years you could excuse me for me being a touch sceptical when asked to test drive this new product but I found myself immersed by its innovative style and features that have been so clearing lacking in football games over the years.

There are many aspects of this game that excites me but what really steals it is the ability to create your own identity on the field. As a footballer I like to consider myself very much in the Jan Molby mould and while many of you will only see comparisons starting and ending in our large physique; I have the ability to create all the characteristics that I had as a player and use them on a field with another 4 online users. It allows one to show the footballing world what they have been missing.

I could go on all day explaining other features in details but you have the beauty to go online and try the game for yourself. By registering FREE at within minutes you will be able to join a team or play others online…As a player you are able to:

* Choose from a selection of characters
* Pick a position: forward, midfielder or defence
* Improve your character’s skills through training and game play
* Form and compete in leagues
* Choose from a choice of pitches, including unconventional ‘street’ options such as roof tops and factories
* Use credits for special moves and kits

It must be stressed that “KICKS” is still in the development stages at the moment which makes it even more remarkable give the entertainment it currently generates. The team at Game Tribe would really appreciate constructive FEEDBACK so they are able to take your ideas on board so the game can be improved in areas that will make it more enjoyable for you the user.

Having initially launched in Korea late last year and with over 300,000 registered users; it is clear that “KICKS” is on the brink of something big. With your help and feedback it will enable game tribe to fine tune any particular detail before an official launch in Europe.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of the tribe and be one of the first to play this MMO entertaining street football…without the fear of breaking sweat.

Click on the link below to download the game and enjoy everything that “KICKS” has to offer.