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Giovani Dos Santos: Bad attitude or badly treated?

Dos SantosWhen I previously wrote an article about Giovani Dos Santos I brought up that he had been one of the hottest prospects at Barcelona and this was questioned; allow me to assure you that Barca did see Dos Santos as one of their top prospects and he was only allowed to leave because of his own unhappiness. As mentioned in the comments section of that previous article, there are two rumours as to why Dos Santos left – one was that he demanded to be a first team regular and wanted a big wage increase which Barca were not prepared to offer, the other was that he was unhappy at how he was viewed nowhere near as favourably as fellow academy graduate Bojan. Either way, Barca weren’t best pleased at having to let Dos Santos go although they felt it had to be done.

Dos Santos’ career at Tottenham so far does not need to be gone over, we’re all aware of the misfortunes he’s suffered but how his career has gone does bring back the questions as to his departure from Barcelona: if he was so desperate for first team opportunities at Barca then how come he’s willing to wait for a chance at Spurs who are a smaller club than Barca? Yes injuries have played their role but Dos Santos has been fit sometimes and left out and he hasn’t come out to the media and complained once. It does question whether he would’ve levelled that complaint to Barca in the first place and makes it seem unlikely. So was Bojan the reason for Dos Santos’ departure?

He’s shown no signs of jealousy at Spurs, fellow young players like Tom Huddlestone and Aaron Lennon have come through and Dos Santos hasn’t been on the bench glaring at them as they progress and become fan favourites while he’s left out. There are no signs whatsoever of this supposed bad attitude that led to his departure from the Nou Camp.

Barca were always ready to praise Dos Santos as he came through the ranks and hail him as a top talent and he was already breaking into the first team. If he was that talented then why would they sell him? His attitude must surely have been the problem but it is extremely strange that it hasn’t flared up again at Spurs if playing time was an initial problem for him. Does higher wages make Dos Santos happy enough to sit on the bench? That’s unclear, but surely not for a player who’s looking to progress.

Unless Barcelona and Dos Santos come out unified with an explanation as to what went on with his departure from the club, which is never going to happen, then we’ll never know. But Dos Santos does not seem the troublemaking sort at Spurs which adds to the mystery of the whole affair. Was there something else to his departure from Barca? Has he learned to control himself? Whatever happened, the hope now for Dos Santos is simply that he can make it at Spurs and still go on to become the star Barca claimed he would be – time will show us if there are attitude problems or not in him and if so it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.

Article title: Giovani Dos Santos: Bad attitude or badly treated?

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