Giovani dos Santos should simply apologise and move on

Tottenham’s Giovani dos Santos has threatened to walk out on Mexico’s World Cup squad after his brother; Jonathan was left out of the final 23.

The 21-year-old, former Barcelona midfielder is said to be very upset about his brother missing out on selection. Zizinho, dos Santos’ father has had this to say on the situation:

“Gio is very hurt and he wants to be at home with us, we don’t know if he will play or not.”

Jonathan dos Santos who plays for Barcelona is said to be retiring from international football because of the decision, at just 20 years old! His father said:

“Jonathan told me he is going to quit the team and I don’t want him playing for them any more anyway.”

Although this is a nice family gesture from Giovani, it is surely going to be a big mistake. Many players would give anything just to take part in a World Cup and dos Santos cannot throw that away just because the Mexico boss, Javier Aguirre hasn’t picked his brother. The situation seems reminiscent of something that would take place on the school playground when someone wasn’t picked for a team. All that’s missing now is for dos Santos to pick up the ball and take it home with him.

The brothers must remember that Jonathan is of a young age and with Mexico, he is surely going to get another chance of playing in one, in fact he will probably get several chances. That’s more than most players can ever hope for so he should just think how lucky he is to of come close to making the final squad at his age.

Both players have a chance of making a real name for themselves in the game, but petulant attitudes like this are only going to damage their careers. They need take the decision that has been made on the chin and most importantly respect the coach’s choice. As at the moment they are only trying to undermine his judgement and are showing a complete lack of respect.

Giovani and Jonathan should apologise to Javier Aguirre, admit they have overreacted and carry on as normal. This behaviour can only harm the Mexican team and they need to think about their team mates before they react in the future.

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