Give yourself the edge in football betting

Statistics are everywhere you look in football nowadays.

Whether it’s pass completion rates, time spent in the final third or shots on target, it seems like everyone is doing their level best to quantify the beautiful game.

And while there are some things that can’t be explained through numbers and percentages, football betting is certainly an area where the more information you’ve got, the better the outcome is likely to be.

I place an accumulator bet every weekend, as much to make my avid viewing of Soccer Saturday a little more exciting than to win great sums of money. I’ve tried a number of different theories and processes in order to make my small stake go that little further, but whether it’s form tables, pundit predictions or just guesswork, I never seem to make a difference to my bank balance.

BETEGY however, is the new weapon to bash the bookies with and although I’m yet to win enough to retire, it’s certainly helped me get closer to my goal of boosting my accumulator acumen.

To quote their website, “BETEGY is a genius algorithm-driven service that provides precise football predictions using statistical analysis. This algorithm uses both present and past data to predict football matches with an optimum accuracy of approximately 80 %.”

Basically, the site makes your bets better informed and more likely to win using more statistical information than a mere mortal’s brain could handle, or indeed process.

BETEGY studies everything from a team’s points gained, the goals they’ve scored (and missed) and the presence or absence of key players, right through to taking into account the weather conditions, the history between them and their opponent and even motivational factors such as a birthday or important date in the club’s calendar.

They then take this data and crunch it into a percentage, which they add to each side and the chance of a draw to give you a definitive nudge in the right direction when placing your bet.

They offer tips on every game in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 and you can recieve your latest betting nuggets every Wednesday, just in time to get the best prices on all of you wagers.

Don’t get me wrong, doing well on your football bets still takes an element of luck – after all, who can ever predict a wonder goal, goalkeeper howler or squad-wide virus? But the fact remains, any statistical help you can get when trying to predict the unpredictable is a welcome addition to your weekend’s gambling and BETEGY provides just that.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix then this is not it – Betegy won’t make you a millionaire, but it will certainly give you a better chance of coming away with a profit from the weekend’s football.

Check out Betegy for yourself!