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Glad to see West Ham take the ‘if you cant beat, then join them’ approach

Football FanCast guest columnist Wayne Peters is glad to see West Ham adopt the ‘if you can't beat them, then join them' approach in obtaining young players.

Having experienced years of being the butt of the Spuds quips about being a feeder club and having the media ramming down our throats that the best of England's talent has slipped from our grasp and witnessing them become an integral part of Chelsea and United's domestic success, it makes a pleasant change seeing West Ham start to throw their weight around and look to obtain the best academy players from our rival sides. Some may see it as poaching, but the way I see it if you can't beat them, then join them.

Let's be honest other clubs have been doing it for years and why we haven't needed to as such, given the quality we usually produce, there is nothing wrong in skimming a bit of cream off the top of our rivals in order to enhance it. Fortunately for us we as a football club have a great history and tradition of fast-tracking our youngsters into the first team picture and no doubt that must appeal greatly. In many ways there must be plenty of Frank Nouble's out there at rival sides out there who would prefer to sign pro forms at Upton Park as they would see us a greater chance to progress.

I have to admit I haven't a clue about Nouble's abilities, but the fact Arsene Wenger was after him also must suggest that he has talent. No doubt Stevie Clarke has been using his old mates at Chelsea in order to find out his availability and it seems we are benefitting greatly from it and no doubt Clarke's presence at West Ham will play a big part in the decision to swap West London for East.

Good on West Ham and long may it continue I say and hopefully the arrival of Nouble will be the first of many.


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Article title: Glad to see West Ham take the ‘if you cant beat, then join them’ approach

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