Golden silence from Dr Evyl as Harry establishes himself as guv’nor at Spurs

Football FanCast columnist ‘The New Voice of Football'
is delighted to see that Harry is establishing himself as the Guvnor at WHL.

With his
sidekick Mini-Me (Damien Comolli) safely settled back in France to ruin someone
else's club. I for one am ecstatic at the lack of noise coming from the
Tottenham boardroom and especially the wave of silence coming from Dr Evyl
(Daniel Levy). Well there is more than a passing resemblance, never mind the

It seems
that Spurs' illustrious chairman seems to have lost his teeth since the
sacrifice of the Arsenal plant, Comolli (Alas,
yes it's true they did recruit him from the dark side
). That's if Levy had
any teeth in the first place as he always liked to put others in the
firing line before anyone set their sights on him.

Much to
the joy of every Tottenham fan down to a man, Levy started to dump them back
from whence they came, when he took, what must have been a brave decision for
him. And appointed Harry Redknapp, who after 25-years in management reserved
the right to be master of his own destiny and was very much his own man.

does things his way, always has, always will and when Levy stated before the
January transfer window that Redknapp would have to work with the players Comolli
had brought into White Hart Lane and Ramos failed with. I couldn't wait to hear
Harry's response, as he was next on.

It was
short, it was definitely not sweet for Levy, Redknapp declared that if Spurs
wished to remain as a mid-table Premiership club fine. If they didn't then he
needed to go and get some quality players. Hardly towing the Levy line as he
had done a couple of days before, when suggesting he might just get one or two
in on loan. Which I found odd, as I'm sure Redknapp didn't leave Portsmouth on
the strength of being promised a couple of loan signings next time the shops

Dr Evyl
almost choked on hearing this, but then he would have the last laugh, wouldn't
he? After all, Levy would be the one funding any major surgery at White Hart
Lane in January. You don't need me to tell you, who won the first clash of
wills, with Redknapp spending near on £50million and recouping just over
£1million, with the long overdue departure of Tottenham favourite Hossam Ghaly.

Gif Banners
Gif Banners

included the return of three players, who Levy had allowed to leave Spurs in
the previous 12 months. No doubt as to who was in charge at Tottenham, come the
end of the transfer window in my opinion.

sacrificed the UEFA Cup, which Juande-boy seemed to love so much, in order to
ensure Premier League survival. Something, which now looks very much achieved
and Spurs once again resembling a team, which is playing football, but more
importantly winning.

have been no rumblings from the board or Dr Evyl, which must be music to every
Tottenham fans ears. No reports of clandestine meetings with other managers on
the back of one or two poor results for Redknapp. Without all the bodies placed
between, himself and previous managers, Levy seems content to carry on ensuring
Spurs make a profit year-in-year-out and leave Harry to ensure that the players
and squad improve on a similar basis.

maybe I'm getting my hopes up too soon, because it's early days for Harry and
Danny and besides Mini-Me might just have forgotten to give Dr Evyl the code
for the boardroom-trapdoor at White Hart Lane. Leaving Levy sat frustrated in
every meeting with Redknapp since the end of January frantically pushing all
the buttons on his freeview remote, wondering why the hell he is still there.

should Levy be prepared as I believe he will, to back Redknapp again in a large
way this summer, with more open heart surgery to be performed under floodlight
at Tottenham by Harry himself. Then can Tottenham fans start to believe that
stability and a period of progress is about to fall on the White half of North
London. For if Harry is left to do, what Harry does and that is build a club
that punches above its weight. Then surely the silence from Levy and the board
as Harry establishes himself as the true ‘Guvnor' at Spurs is the sound
Tottenham fans, have waited years for.