Gomes vs Clattenburg

Premier League referee Mark ClattenburgSaturday saw one of the most controversial goals scored in Premier League history, and discussion is well and truly underway and showing no signs of relenting. The furore that has surrounded this incident highlights the magnitude of the decision whether wrong or right!

Before we head into every detail I’d like to make it known that I feel for Tottenham Hotspur and all those with an affinity to the football club. Nani’s goal on Saturday was harsh and the Portuguese winger showed no sportsmanship whatsoever.

However in the rules of the game, the goal was perfectly legal. Play had not stopped and therefore Nani was entitled to slot the ball past a bewildered Gomes. Should Gomes take a slice of the blame cake or should Clattenburg have stopped the game when there was so much uncertainty that led to the incident?

The fact the whistle had not been blown would suggest that Gomes was incredibly naïve to roll the ball out to the feet of the United winger, Nani. Everybody knows you play to the referee’s whistle and I can’t help but feel Gomes has let himself and his side down by carelessly handing the ball to the opposition.

This said, there are a large number of people that are of the belief that “Clattenburg should have disallowed the goal on the basis that Tottenham had not received an advantage after Nani’s handball that preceded the incident.” This belief can be undermined completely as Gomes had the ball in his hands, showing Tottenham to have possession and therefore gained an advantage. This would once again show that Gomes has had an absolute mare in so much that he has basically passed the ball to Nani.

Some might say that the incident should never have come to be. In the lead up to the goal it was clear that Nani had handled the ball. This is both acknowledged by Spurs keeper Gomes and the linesman. Why the whistle was not been blown here for a Tottenham freekick I do not know. It must be said that football is not and should not be a game of what ifs, we all have to live with the decisions whether they are right or wrong.

When pushed for an answer I would have to say that the goal correctly stood. I say this for the one reason that the whistle was never blown indicating that play had stopped. It is fundamental for a professional footballer to play to the referees whistle, Gomes’ naivety is shocking. However I do not believe that referee Mark Clattenburg is completely innocent, nor are his fellow officials. There was a case of clear handball moments prior to the goal that was seen, yet went unpunished, thus creating an air of pure uncertainty amongst the players leading to the controversial goal.

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