Grand Slam Sunday – A disgrace to the rest of the Premier League!

Football FanCast columnist Joe Jennings is fed up of the constant media hype that surrounds this Grand Slam Sunday and hopes that somebody, preferably his beloved Everton can break into the top four to bring an end to this nonsense.

Are these games generally worth the massive build up? I don't think so! I'm sick and tired of all this "Americanisation" of everything on Sky Sports and newspapers alike. No wonder some stick to internet streams and foreign channels, it is nothing short of pathetic.
As for the build up of the matches, I'm tempted to put a brick through the television every time I hear somebody say "It's almost here" or "Clash of the titans".
It really does boil my blood. The top four may as well form their own league where they are the only teams in it, because everybody else is irrelevant it would seem. As far as I'm concerned SKY and all the media hype around these fixtures is contributing to what I see as the demise of English football.

The "sucking up" of the top four is nothing short of tedious and frankly cringe worthy. Will we ever see light at the end of this commercialised, Americanised tunnel?
I seem to recall a tagline they used back in 2007, the last time a "Grand Slam Sunday" occurred. Something along the lines of "Nothing else matters", now is that unprejudiced to the other sixteen teams in the division. I'll leave you with your own devices to base a judgement.
Why do I feel we are becoming a nation attracted by media hyped objects? Feel as if we are being indoctrinated by SKY and the powers that be? It's sad, robotic and unfortunately it's only the minority who can see it vividly.

Regardless of whether my team, Everton were deemed a "top four" club or not, my stance wouldn't alter, I would still insist the huge revenues that Sky and other media corps bring in is bad for the game.

Others may argue; it's the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea who have spent big and destroyed any credibility that was left within the game. Ask yourself why they can spend big.
Admittedly Chelsea has a "Sugar Daddy" but it is money that has, and will continue to, destroy the game and nobody could argue SKY contributes a great amount of money that exists within football.
Why do I get the sense football was dying a slow, painful death before a certain Russian even got involved. Do you genuinely believe he would still be at Chelsea now if there wasn't so much money being pumped into the Premier League? Was it just coincidence that the fixtures computer brought the top 4 together on the same weekend? Nothing to do with it, being a worldwide marketable event! I just wonder what they would make of it if Everton dared to break the monopoly this season.

In my view Grand Slam Sunday is a farcical event, nothing more, nothing less. It does not matter if they are not all in the "top four" at the time; the press and SKY deem it as the "Big four" regardless, reality or perception. Look at Manchester City, they were in the coveted position back in December, did they get a look in? Do I needn't bother telling you the answer?
I really do hope we finish fourth, not only so we can make great strides as a club but to deter the powers that be. Now wouldn't that be a pleasure?

Article title: Grand Slam Sunday – A disgrace to the rest of the Premier League!

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