Great deal for Rafa, a more significant one for Jordan

Youl_Mawene_Victor_Moses_Crystal_Palace_v_Pre_686643Football FanCast guest columnist Ian Harper would be sad to see Moses leave, but feels the club has little option given their financial predicament.

With reports this morning that Liverpool is lining up a January move for Victor Moses, it appears that we have with in our 19-year old a potential saviour and someone who can give Simon Jordan some breathing space, as he actively seeks a buyer.

Like most promising young players at Selhurst it appears that supporters just about get use to having them as a part of the set-up until some other Premier League comes in and poaches them from our grasp. Where before it has been simply disappointing to lose the likes of Routledge, Armstrong, Watson and Bostock, you kind of feel this time that it is simply now a necessity and we have little option but get the top price we can hope for Moses; Warnock reckons we could get around £16m, I personally reckon it will be more than likely around half that.

While I don’t agree with Warnock’s valuation, I do agree with his view that Moses can get into most Premier League sides and he will certainly be no shrinking violet at that particular level. As a winger or a striker he provides pace and power and I can see why Liverpool would be in the market for him, given that he can play left side or as an out and out forward if need be and with Rafa short of numbers, with Moses he could kill two birds with one stone with this one deal.

As I say as much as I will hate to see him leave Selhurst, I would sooner see him sold than see the club potentially move towards administration given our current financial woes. For Jordan January cannot come soon enough and I personally wouldn’t be surprised if we witnessed Moses’ last game in a Palace shirt yesterday, I mean we certainly cannot afford him to get injured over the Xmas period can we?