Hammers’ Jack Collison proves that decency does still exist

Jack CollisonFootball FanCast columnist Johnny Moon hopes that Jack Collison gets the kind of deal he thoroughly deserves at Upton Park.

Old Harry made a fair point in the Standard yesterday, about the ways of the modern game, and how professional footballers have fallen into the pitfalls of being household names and the celebrity that comes with it. It is true and where players would drink with supporters after the game, we now seem to be an afterthought as they splurge their inflated wages (that we have contributed to) on flash cars, women and genuinely living the high life. The modern football has become a faceless soul and someone that you find it very hard to concur with.

There are the odd exceptions, don’t get me wrong, and our own Jack Collison certainly represents that. Here is a young player, finding his feet in the game and one who is prepared to do anything it takes to succeed. You see there is nothing that is flash about this kid and the very fact he has made it as a full international for Wales, at his age, could have precipitated demands for a new deal and holding the club to ransom, given there would be no shortage of clubs that would be keen to prize him away. Collison is reportedly on £2k a week; a princely sum to most, but an absolute pittance compared to the majority of Premier League footballers.

Another warming aspect about Collison is the incredible bravery he has shown in the aftermath of his father’s tragic death and the courage he displayed in choosing to represent us just a few days later in the infamous Millwall battle. It was a selfless act and tells you everything you need to know about this player and his character and commitment. If only West Ham was made up of other likeminded players and characters, you would sense we would be higher in the table and Zola’s job would prove a damn sight easier.

I read this morning that West Ham are keen to secure Collison to a new deal and I for one applaud it and although I deplore the vast sums of money a modern day footballer earns, if anyone deserves a dramatic pay-rise from their current £2k a week, then it is him, as Collison is a player that highlights that decency and morals still exist within the modern game.

Article title: Hammers’ Jack Collison proves that decency does still exist

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