Harry is missing a trick with Jamie O’Hara…isn’t he?

Jamie O’Hara came out yesterday and claimed that his future may lie away from White Hart Lane in order to get first team football. I suppose you can’t blame him, especially given how much his stock has risen this season.

I have to admit that I am disappointed that O’Hara is not in the current squad at present, especially with the way we are misfiring in midfield. We have a plethora of talent in midfield and why Huddlestone is a wonderful ball player; he does tend to go missing in the away games when a battle is needed and he doesn’t impose himself on the midfield.

Don’t get me wrong Jermaine Jenas is no better for that and this is why I believe that O’Hara would prove a nice alternative to come in, especially away from home, to partner Palacios to form a solid axis in which the likes of Modric then have the freedom to attack the opposition. Poor old Luka didn’t get a kick in the first hour against Bolton at the weekend, largely down to the fact that we couldn’t get control of the midfield.

We were having the debate driving home from the Reebok on Sunday as to what the likes of Jenas and Huddlestone bring to the Tottenham midfield that O’Hara couldn’t. I suppose our judgment may have been clouded by the virtuoso performance of Jamie in the South Coast derby on Saturday, but we really couldn’t identify much from the aforementioned duo that was any better than what O’Hara could produce. The general consensus was that O’Hara has been extremely unfortunate to be considered third choice alongside Palacios and perhaps Harry Redknapp was missing a trick with him.

So am I alone in thinking that O’Hara would offer the Tottenham midfield a lot more than the other two? Listening to O’Hara it suggests that he isn’t holding out much hope of remaining at the football club for the long term and I personally think it will be sad to see him leave as he has so much to give. O’Hara wouldn’t be the first decent player to slip the net and will undoubtedly not be the last.

Written By Matt Burgess