Harry – let’s look at the Tottenham team you could have had…

Tottenham Hotspur have always been good at linking themselves with hundreds of players. When I was at school they were linked with Rivaldo and Guardiola and when they signed Edgar Davids I suddenly started believing that every rumour was an actual possibility. If only that had been the case this summer.

Here I have compiled a team based entirely on linked players, and it’s quite an eleven which at least shows that they’re chasing good players, unfortunately, it really is chasing. The majority of these players are out of Tottenham’s very sensible wage structure or budget.

Due to Tottenham’s need for a striker i’ve plumped for a lop-sided 3-4-3 formation with no left back. I guess that’s one position the manager is happy with. The list of strikers could undoubtedly have filled an entire subs bench as well but the top 3 seem to have been the front-runners this summer.

In a way this list is born out of frustration, a summer of rumours has left Tottenham with very little actual progress but let’s not worry about what’s actually going to happen, instead let’s enjoy what a fantastic team we could have had if all the newspapers and whisperings had any truth to them.

Click on Juan Mata to unveil the Tottenham XI that never was