Harry’s right to show patience, so we strike the right deal

Football FanCast guest columnist Paul Mitchell cannot understand the concerns of Spurs fans, over the lack of transfer activity.

I don't know why I put myself through the pain of going to these pre-season friendlies, not so much for the football, but the negativity that you get from certain sections of the Spurs faithful. Far from looking ahead to a brand spanking new season and continuing our excellent form of this calendar year, at St James Park last night, the gloom and doom merchants are already predicting another wasted season, due to our failure to bring in new additions. (Even though the window doesn't shut for another 6 weeks)

I really fail to understand as to why fans think that we need to make wholesale changes this summer. If you take a points tally from when Harry took over, then the squad proved itself to be a top six side, therefore the need to have another overhaul doesn't ring true. I am certainly not suggesting that we don't need two or three additions, because we do, but to imply that five or six is needed is way off the mark.

A huge part of the problem is supporters have grown use to our perennial turnover of players in our attempts for a quick fix that it seems to have masked the other important ingredient to be successful and that is stability and giving current players a chance to settle. I know that some would love to see the back of Pavlyuchenko for example, but doesn't he deserve the opportunity given that this summer he hasn't had to contend with a full Russian calendar or Euro Championships. A full pre-season programme at the club can only benefit him and suddenly he will be fit and raring to go ahead of next season. Players take time to settle and last season in hindsight saw a very respectable return, given the timing and circumstance in which he joined us.

If you actually take the time out and look at our squad then it is not in bad shape at all and barring the problematic left hand side, have healthy competition in most positions, therefore the rush to bring in names is not overly essential. Harry will take his time and when the right player comes available, at the right price then no doubt they'll be brought in, but there is no point bringing in anyone just for the sake of it. We have gone down that road before and look where it has got us…not very far. Its stability is what we need, not change.

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