Can this Manchester United star have an impact on Europe’s biggest stage?

What a few weeks it has been for Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. His loan move to Real Madrid had seemed like a massive waste of an entire season as he had spent the vast majority of it on the bench for the current Champions League holders.

It was Chicharito who sent his side through to the Champions League semi-finals, in an attempt to retain their title. 

Karim Benzema has been sidelined for the last two weeks due to an injury he picked up in the first leg against Atletico Madrid. Benzema will always be the first choice for the lethal front three of Real Madrid. It is unfortunate that it has taken an injury for Chicharito to prove himself, but he has used his time wisely. One massive goal against Atleti to knock them out of the Champions League, and two in La Liga against Celta Vigo.

Chicharito’s rediscovered talents as a preadtory goalscorer drum up many questions and criticisms. For one, Thierry Henry voiced his opinion in regards of Chicharito’s goal celebration vs Atletico. “What I don’t like is Chicharito seems like he’s won the World Cup with that celebration.” Seemingly, Chicharito should have used his hand to score, judging by Henry’s footballing standards.

And, let’s be honest, the Mexican spent so long on the bench it probably had his own indents on it, so can we really blame him for being elated? It is a huge goal to come out of a dire season. Forgive the guy for being proud of himself.

Next on the list, of course, is whether Hernandez has a future at Manchester United or not. In hindsight, their goal difference could have been higher had Chicha stayed. We all know Falcao has not delivered what we all had hoped. Chicharito scored almost the same amount of goals in the week as Falcao has for the season. But is the Mexican still deemed relevant under Louis Van Gaal or still part of a surplus? And how would the current formation work around him? Because no matter what happens, Wayne Rooney cannot drop back into the midfield.

Has this revival of Chicharito’s career come just a little too late for him? It will bring him to the forefront of the minds of various clubs, but he must make his next move wisely. Ancelotti believes if Chicharito can hold his form, his inclusion in Real’s starting XI will be non-negotiable. Easy to say now, but what happens when Benzema returns from injury, and returns to form?

Mexican head coach Miguel Herrera thinks the best thing for the Little Pea is to find a smaller club to showcase his talents. This of course is in order to get the minutes he needs. Let’s not forget, Chicharito became a super sub at the World Cup because of this role in United. Benzema is likely to be back for the clash with Juventus; what Ancelotti decides to do will be detrimental to Chicharito.