Has the ship now sailed for Steven Gerrard?

Real Madrid’s transfer consultant Ernesto Bronzetti insists that the club are set to end their pursuit of England and Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard because they claim that the midfielder is ‘too old’.

Is it a good move by Real to drop their interest in the midfielder just because of his age? Consequently, has Gerrard in fact blown his last realistic chance at success?

The Reds’ talisman has been a massive target for the Galactico’s this summer following Liverpool’s debacle last season, which evidently saw the Merseyside club finish seventh in the Premier League, thus achieving no Champions League football.

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has been a long-time admirer of the midfielder and has jumped once again at the opportunity to try and tempt the England skipper away from Anfield this summer. However, the Spanish club appear to have halted their interest believing that the £58 million asking price is too excessive for a player of his age. As a result of this, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho are believed to be to be exploring different avenues in the transfer market. Earlier this week, Ernesto Bronzetti claimed that Madrid will not continue their interest in the midfielder:

“The president does not agree with Gerrard because he is 30 and Perez doesn’t want to know. Plus, Liverpool asked for £58m.” – (various)

Real Madrid have placed Stuttgart midfielder Sami Khedira as a possible alternative to Gerrard. The German international impressed immensely at the World Cup finals in South Africa earlier this month, and will be a much cheaper option for the Galactico’s to look into at approximately £9 million.

Many fans will feel that Real Madrid are right in stopping their interest in the Liverpool midfielder, purely for the fact that he is glued to his home club and is way above market value. However, for the Spanish club too suddenly stop their harassed interest in the Englishman over his age is a little harsh, considering they desperately wanted him a few months back. Granted, Liverpool (in my opinion) have over-priced Gerrard, but what do Real expect, he is their club captain and golden boy.

Real Madrid will move on as they always do, and will find other alternatives along the way this summer, but what about Steven Gerrard? It appears that Liverpool have finally fended off the approach of Real, and as such, Gerrard will remain as the Liverpool skipper for the forthcoming season (for now of course). However, with Manchester City and Tottenham becoming stronger, and with the other three title contenders looking stable and strong, has Gerrard in fact blown his last chance of seeing any sort of silverware in his career? This is not to say that Liverpool won’t achieve anything this season, because they might, but it will no doubt be harder to find success due to their other rivals becoming stronger.

Steven Gerrard’s loyalty is great to see, really it is, but for a player of his quality and calibre he should be lifting trophies year in year out, which he hasn’t been able to do at Liverpool. Gerrard still has a good three years left in him, but many neutral fans, and possibly even a handful of Kop fans (even though they may not admit it) will feel that those years will be wasted at Anfield. Has Gerrard’s last chance at success gone? Many would think so.


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