Has there been a more frustrating player at Tottenham Hotspur?

FanCast guest columnist
looks at the footballing
enigma that is Spurs and England's Jermaine Jenas.

Having been a Spurs fan for nearly 40years, you
could say I have seen a fair few mysteries at Tottenham.

The two John's, Lacy and Pratt always left me
bemused, Vega and Freund also had their moments, but in all that time I have
been supporting our great club there is only one player that has left me
puzzled beyond belief and that is our very own Vice Captain Jermaine Jenas.

I really don't know what to make of the player and
without doubt the most frustrating I have seen in a Spurs shirt. One minute he
shows sublime brilliance, a hint of the player we all know he could be, to the
absolute ridiculous, which gives his critics plenty of fuel to vent their
frustrations at him. There is no middle ground with JJ.

I will be honest that I like the player for the
simple reason that he is not a hopeless case like the players mentioned above,
and there is literally a top class player there waiting to be unlocked. I often
wonder if that was the thinking of giving Jenas the Captain's armband in King's
absence, in the hope to galvanise the player. Ramos, like so many other England
managers before clearly see the talent within, so I just hope the added
responsibility will be just the tonic he needs to fulfil his potential, because
I feel a lot of Spurs fans patience with him is starting to wear thin,
especially where I sit on the Shelf.

Like many other England fans last night searched far
and wide to find one of the only few pubs I could find that had Setanta (topic for another day) to watch the
game. When 55mins came up and Joe Cole was taken off to be replaced by JJ the
catcalls came up and you can't really blame them. If the player is such a
mystery to us at the Lane, you can only imagine the rest of the nation's

Thirty-five minutes later; whether fans got caught in
the joyous mood of the nation, a hint of praise was starting to mill around
about Jenas.

I thought he was superb quite honestly, really gave
an excellent performance, but I guess that is when the frustration keeps
creeping back and you really want to shake him by the neck or more practically,
book the guy into see Paul McKenna. I really feel it is all in his head at the
end of the day and until he starts having some belief, then the Spurs faithful
will continue to remain split.