Has time come for Manchester United to nip these £30m rumours in the bud?

FanCast guest columnist
John Ryan feels that the
continual rumours around Carlos Tevez is having an adverse effect on the player
and reckons it is time that United nipped all the speculation in the bud.

Am I the only Manchester United fan that is sick to
the back teeth of the endless rumours and speculation regarding the future of
Carlos Tevez?

I'm certain there isn't a week that goes by when
some sort of story or link to another club doesn't emerge and it just leaves
the United management team, the player and his agents, continually having to
reject the stories. In today's press conference ahead of the Villarreal match,
Sir Alex once again asked the question about reported Real Madrid interest in
the player – it is getting ridiculous in all honesty and its time it was nipped
in the bud once and for all.

I really think half the problem with this Carlos
Tevez affair is that the longer the club just rubbish rumours and don't make a
formal denial of them or actually look to make the deal permanent; then the
press will continually ask the question. I honestly believe that the continual speculation
is having an adverse effect on a player, who on more than one occasion has add
plenty of fuel to this fire, with his own comments on the matter.

Carlos Tevez for me is an undoubted talent, but seems
to be playing with the world on his shoulders and subsequently we are not
getting the same level of performance that we were blessed with last season.
Some may look at the fact that the arrival of Berbatov and his new partnership
with Rooney may have left him with his nose out of joint somewhat, but I wonder
if the lack of security and knowing where his long term future rests may well
be having a desired effect.

So why are we so unwilling to commit at present to a
long term deal and quell these rumours once and for all? If United are happy
with the player, then wouldn't it be wise to get him signed up, before any
opportunity to be tempted elsewhere may arise? Is it a possibility that United
are merely playing hardball with his agents, knowing of their clients desire to
move to Old Trafford and hoping it will force them to lower the reported £30m
asking price for his services? Whatever the reasons I just hope it is resolved
sooner rather than later, because it is clearly having an adverse effect in the
Argentine's performance.

Article title: Has time come for Manchester United to nip these £30m rumours in the bud?

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