Hate to say it…but it’s time to take Tottenham seriously

rComplimenting Tottenham doesn’t come easy and over the past few years or so I have had no real reason to, but watching them this season has really made me take note and I am sure that I am not the only neutral to be impressed by them or who believes that they can actually break the stranglehold that is the top four.

I know Tottenham fans choose to play their chances down and all the guests I have entertained in our company box at the Lane have all been quick to dismiss such talk and don’t want to tempt fate, but the fact of the matter is that at this moment in time Tottenham are not only the team that occupies 4th spot at present, but none of the others actually possess anything like the strength in depth that Redknapp has at his disposal. The likes of Villa are a solid outfit, but they haven’t the firepower or depth to the squad to be able to sustain a challenge.

Today Tottenham were scintillating and to be honest they should have put my sorry team out of sight well before the 81st minute. You do feel that another day we could have been hit for four or five and you wouldn’t have had many away fans complaining had they done so. It was like watching a carbon copy of the game against City a fortnight ago where with every attack Tottenham look like scoring and although they have let their guard slip like they did against Stoke and Wolves this season, the majority of the time they are on their game and have shown real consistency throughout. I am sure that there isn’t a moment that doesn’t pass Harry’s mind about those dropped points at home, as well as the throwing away of games against the likes of Everton and Villa away. Tottenham should be a lot better than 4th at present and that is why they need to be taken seriously.

As I mentioned what separates Tottenham is their strength in depth and the very fact you can drop a player in the form that Kranjcar is in for Luka Modric, or Sébastien Bassong for Ledley King it just shows what a great squad has been built. When you consider you have the likes of Woodgate, Jenas, Keane, Pavlyuchenko, Bentley, Bale and Hutton still in reserve then it is very difficult to play down their chances for a top four place this season. I am sure Tottenham supporters will remain dismissive, but I reckon you’ll be foolish not to accept that you are a serious contender.

Written By Laurence Richards