Hate to say it but it’s time to take Tottenham seriously

Tottenham Hotspur van der VaartThere are two things that I never thought I would find myself doing in my lifetime – one is agreeing wholeheartedly with a column in the Daily Mirror and secondly conceding that Tottenham should be considered serious title contenders.

Being affiliated with the Red half of North London I have never looked upon the mob down the Seven Sisters Rd as a serious threat, but as Steve Stammers points out in his column there is something about them in the past two seasons to suggest they are certainly not in a false position and perhaps have the squad to sustain a genuine title challenge.

While I would never go as far as to suggest that Tottenham have a better or more talented squad than us, they do possess real depth and in the likes of Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Rafael van der Vaart they have three World Class players at their disposal. Harry Redknapp has instilled a real toughness about Spurs; a determination never to give up and it is this kind of belief that has seen them pull out two consecutive 2-1 victories after going a goal down to both Aston Villa and Fulham respectively. How many Tottenham teams of old would have caved in at this point and gone on to lose by two or three? It is resilience and the ability to grind out results when you are up against it that marks a side’s title credentials and you have to say that there are certainly shades of that within Harry Redknapp’s current crop.

One area that I do believe lets Spurs down is upfront. I read that no team in the Premier League has had more shots on target than Tottenham and that in itself tells its own story. Redknapp lacks a top quality striker and it will certainly need to bring one in during the January window, especially if they still remain in around the top of the table like they currently are.  As Arsenal fans we generally use to think that none of us would ever see Tottenham challenge for a title, let alone win one in our lifetime, and while it is perhaps a little premature to think that this season may well be that time, I would be foolish to discount them as contenders in the coming seasons.

Written By Billy Pearson

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