Has Carlo Ancelotti been treated poorly?

Chelsea boss Carlo AncelottiChelsea’s statement that they will consult Carlo Ancelotti if and when a replacement for Frank Arnesen is needed, seems to me like a case of piecemeal lip-service from the Stamford Bridge board after what appears to be a case of blatant disregard for the 51 year-old Italian.

Having guided Chelsea to their first ever domestic double in his first season in charge, Ancelotti achieved even more than the ‘Special One’ did in his opening season at the club. For this fact alone, the Italian should be lauded in west London, not treated the way he has been over the past few weeks.

Chelsea’s poor run of form has been as a result of many different factors, most notably on the pitch, where the absence of several key players, including captain John Terry and midfield duo Frank Lampard and Michael Essien, has been paramount to a dip in performances.

However, off the pitch life has been anything but settled, and with his right hand man, Ray Wilkins, having been acrimoniously dismissed of his duties, one could sympathise with Ancelotti being more than a little disgruntled with the way he has been treated by the upper echelons at Chelsea.

In addition to this, not only has Ancelotti lost Wilkins, but he has also had the services of Michael Emenalo thrust upon him, all of which is enough to unsettle anyone, and with the news the Frank Arnesen will also be leaving the club, the structure Ancelotti has been used to at Chelsea is fast falling away from him. But the question remains, have the actions of Chelsea football club showed disrespect towards Carlo Ancelotti?

The answer must simply be yes. How can a man who wrestled the Premier League trophy back from Old Trafford after 3 years at Manchester United be treated with such contempt? With the miraculous start to the season Chelsea had made, how could he have the carpet pulled from underneath him in such a disrespectful manner? Yes the absence of players has hit Chelsea hard, but through treating their staff in the way they have, the board has disrupted a fully functioning background team as well.

Offering Ancelotti a say on Frank Arnesen’s replacement is about the least Chelsea can do considering the happenings of the last few weeks, and the way Ancelotti has been treated may well see him making an exit well before his time at Chelsea.

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