Have Newcastle unearthed the next striking star of English football?

Newcastle's Andy CarrollAndy Carroll secured 3 points for his Newcastle side as they dismissed a lacklustre Arsenal side at The Emirates yesterday. The Newcastle centre forward, Carroll, has been in scintillating form recently and is showing genuine signs that he can potentially emulate former Tyneside favourite Alan Shearer.

“At 21, the Newcastle centre-forward is already an unbelievable handful and a nightmare proposition for any defender.” Standing at 6ft 3in the youngster caused the Arsenal back four a huge amount of problems at the weekend as he typically put his body on the line acting as the target man for his Newcastle teammates.

Carroll has a certain swagger whenever he walks onto a football pitch; this swagger coupled with his charisma, confidence and intelligence on the ball are all attributes that will set him well on his way to becoming the next striking star of English football. There also doesn’t seem to be an arrogance as the youngster tirelessly tracks back for corners and hounds the defence when in possession of the ball.

Whilst on the ball he proves efficient seldom squandering any opportunity to find a member of his own team. Jamie Redknapp writes in the Daily Mail “I can think of a few forwards who return a look of disdain if a pass in to them isn’t perfect, but Carroll must be a dream for his midfielders because a wonky pass is greeted by him with a charge after the ball and a scrap for possession. He turns a bad pass into a good one. I love that attitude.”

Carroll’s positivity is a breath of fresh air in the modern game, he is also in the mould of an old fashioned centre forward using physical strength and power to intimidate defenders and score goals. He has a sweet left foot that when unleashed can release a rasping shot stinging the fingertips of even the worlds best shot stoppers.

There is know doubt that Andy Carroll is a raw talent, and under the correct management I am certain that he has the potential to become the next striking star of English football. Carroll will also need to help himself if he has true aspirations of emulating those so favoured before him, such as shearer. Using the likes of Kevin Nolan as a role model is most definitely a step in the right direction.

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