Heineken’s ‘Star Player’ – one of the most addictive football apps around

Last week I made my debut playing Heineken’s Star Player in Football FanCast’s League – an app that enables you to predict what is going to happen next in all Uefa Champions League games at the click of a button, LIVE as it happens.

The free app is one of the most addictive games I have played as it requires concentration, knowledge and an eye for a counter attack. The competitive edge begins when the game finishes as you find out how everyone else has got on and how you could of improved your own game.

To score points you must try and predict what will happen from a corner, penalty, free kick or if a goal will be scored within the next 30 seconds. The quicker you are the more points you score. Also, at random intervals in the match you will be asked a trivia question about Champions League football from the past and you must answer quickly and precisely to gain maximum points. You also have a 50/50 and a Max Point option to boost your score if required.

The main aspect of the app that impressed me the most was the fact that it was bang up to date with the game with no delay. A rare piece of technology that can actually cope with live action, the Star Player is definitely a must have when the final week of group games come around.

You are able to choose what game you want to play and you can leave and join any game during the 90 minutes and keep your score going. You can also play the early kick-off game followed by the late games to boost your score even more and getting used to the app before the later games come around and the real competition begins.

The questions that I was asked were cunning but answerable and you always had help on hand if you are struggling. I didn’t have the best of games when I watched Manchester City lose away at Napoli, partly because I was getting used to the speed and rules but also because the game was extremely unpredictable. This made it a terrific challenge and one that I will most certainly be doing again when the final group games roll around next month.

There was a goal from a corner that surely nobody would have seen coming and a tap in that everyone must have got so it was a game that kept you on edge for the entire 90 minutes. You can also create or join private leagues with your friends to finally see who knows their stuff when it comes to the beautiful game. If you are going to sit down and watch a match, then why not join in and see if you can beat my amateurish score of just over 2,520 points first time out. I will see you there.

[youtube XP5yySEZub8]

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