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Here’s one way to dispel these Newcastle rumours…

FanCast guest columnist
wished that
Keegan would come out and give his side of the story.

As we all sit and wait for the outcome of the Keegan
vs. Ashley court battle and subsequent cost it will have on the football club,
I have to concede that I think it is rather sad at not only the lack of
information that has been afforded to the supporters, but the very fact that
Keegan has been unwilling to address us and present us with his side of events.

Unfortunately the only crumbs we have been given is
from the Ashley camp and how various compromised deals have been offered and
rejected; how Keegan is after unprecedented sums of money and how the man is
putting this football club on the brink of administration. Keegan has been painted
unfairly as the pantomime villain of this piece, however until Keegan comes out
and addresses it and gives us his side of the story, then unfortunately this
uncertainty will persist.

I know there are some that think that the man
shouldn't have to justify himself to anyone, and his reputation goes before him,
but unfortunately there is an element who are buying into the spin coming out
of the football club and as Keegan keeps quiet then this will always remain and
manifest. It is a shame we have been left in the dark and unfortunately have
been made to draw our own conclusions from it, but that is Newcastle in a
nutshell isn't it where supporters are always the last to know anything.

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Article title: Here’s one way to dispel these Newcastle rumours…

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