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His presence at West Ham as welcome as a fart in a elevator

Football FanCast guest columnist Peter Henry will certainly not welcome Mr. Magnusson's return to West Ham United.

The prospect of Eggert Magnusson returning to West Ham United is about as welcome as fart in an elevator and letting him loose on the club again, would be like releasing sharks to guard a swimming pool.

It is absolute joke, insulting in fact, that the very man who played a key role in the old regime that put us in this current predicament we find ourselves in, would have the balls to show his face once again. Newcastle have recently gone through a similar scenario with Freddie Shepherd keen to take over the reins of a club, who has spent the last few years under Mike Ashley trying to repair the damage he had caused after years of neglect.

The reports in the newspapers are suggesting that Magnusson doesn't believe he was responsible for any of the current mess and has pointed the finger firmly in the direction of Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson. While our former owner is perhaps the greater of the two responsible, as chairman of the football club or any organisation for that matter you would know what direction everything is going and what money the club can realistically afford to spend and what it can't in this particular case. Peter Storrie at Portsmouth is another prime example of someone like that and I for one am amazed that he can still keep his job as Chief Executive of Portsmouth, when he allowed the football club to get in such a financial state. Thank god that Magnusson left when he did, as we almost certainly would be facing up to administration had he remained. Hopefully CB will have the good sense not to contemplate selling at a cut price offer, despite how willing they clearly are to move on.

Article title: His presence at West Ham as welcome as a fart in a elevator

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