Hodgson or Players – who is responsible for the Reds’ plight?

Liverpool manager Roy HodgsonWhile the general consensus is that King Kenny’s return is the answer to Liverpool fans prayers, there is a surprising amount of sympathy towards former boss Roy Hodgson and his reign at Anfield. Some are questioning whether Liverpool’s demise is solely down to the presence of Roy Hodgson and whether some of the players should be taking some of the responsibility for the plight the club find themselves in.

Football FanCast ran a poll in the wake of Roy Hodgson’s dismissal, and the subsequent appointment of Kenny Dalglish, to find out where Liverpool fans believe it has all gone wrong in the last six months. While 40% of supporters pinpointed Roy Hodgson as the sole reason for the mess Liverpool find themselves in; a combined 53% attributed the problem to certain players underperforming and their bad attitude.

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