How ‘Silky Skill’ Has Taken Over The Premier League

Sergio Aguero

The English Premier League is often praised as being the best domestic league in the world, ahead of the Spanish, Italian, German and the rest.

However, it also has its critics; many foreign players and managers that come to the English game will comment on how physical it is and that it’s a hard place to settle for young foreign players.

It does appear that the tide may be changing as a host of young, skilful European and South American players now ply their trade here and are able to impress immediately.

This season has already provided some memorable moments and the skill level on show so far has been outstanding, with a wide open title race and around 12 teams fighting off relegation.

In years gone by a manager in the English game will often look to buy big, strong players to give their side a more physical edge but over the past year or so the players we all want to watch are not the ones muscling their way into a challenge.

Manchester City are going from strength to strength with the funds that are available and the calibre of player they are now attracting.

David Silva, Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero have been in unstoppable form this season at the heart of everything going forward for the Citizens not being outmuscled or bullied in any game so far.

Jack Wilshere has arguably been Arsenal’s best player over the last 12 months; even though he is currently out injured; showing that the smaller, more skilful player could be breaking through in the English game.

Juan Mata joined Chelsea from Valencia and looks a shrewd piece of business for the Blues giving them something very different in the final third which may have been missing in recent times.

Luka Modric was close to joining Chelsea, but has remained at Tottenham and is starting to show again why so many clubs want his signature with outstanding performances in crucial games this season.

The list of small, game-changing players can go on with Scott Parker, Javier Hernandez and Ashley Young to name just a few more.

Barcelona have been setting the trend for a while now and currently have to shortest side in Europe, proving that the quality of the football is the most important thing in the modern game.

The academy at the Nou Camp continues to produce world class, attacking players that are proving unstoppable, no matter how hard you kick them.

Perhaps the age of a Patrick Vieira or a Didier Drogba are slowly leaving the English game, making way for a quicker more attractive game that just seems to be improving every single week.

The days of ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ left when Tony Adams, Martin Keown and co. left, making way for one of the most attractive football sides in the world.

Football fans often criticise the amount of foreign players and managers that are arriving in the English game but they are transforming the English Premier League into an oasis of skilful football that is a pleasure to watch.

Young players are regularly released from English club academies because they are deemed too small and weak but that may soon be history.

The future may bode well for young, skilful Englishmen and perhaps clubs will be looking for a different type of player at all ages in the game in the near future, but for now everyone is happy with the style of football that is gracing the English game.