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How to play Picklive and join the Fantasy Football Revolution

Think you know fantasy football? Think again! We’ve all played fantasy football before and if you’re one of the thousands of football fans who have become a bit tired of the same old format, then there’s a brand new game that you’ll love playing.

Picklive is a LIVE Fantasy Football phenomenon! It’s fantasy football, but not as you know it. It’s a game where every pass, tackle and shot counts. While you’re watching live football, you can play against friends and other competitors and attempt to amass the most points. Points are won and lost in real time and soon you’ll either be cheering or groaning as your players perform wonders or have a total mare!

First things first you need to sign up here and take advantage of the free trial for Football FanCast readers. Choose your team name and get ready to take on football fans from across the world. Then take a look at the schedule of matches that are running on the Picklive website, if a match is live on TV then you can be sure that Picklive is running a live fantasy football game alongside it.


When the match is live you can join the game room and pick your players to do battle with. There are then two types of game for you to play. The Big Game lasts for the whole match and requires you to pick five players, as you compete with an unlimited number of players. The Live Game lasts for just 7.5 minutes and you get to pick three players before kickoff, although you can make up to three substitutes per game. There will be between six and twenty five players in the game room and you’ll need to come in the top three to finish in the prize pot.

Once you’ve selected your game and bet £1 to play you will join the Picklive Live Game Room with the rest of your opponents. Then as the game is taking place you will accumulate points in real-time, with 20 points for a goal, 10 points for an assist, 1 point for a pass and so on. However, you’ll lose 20 points for a red card, 10 points for a yellow, 3 points for a foul and more.

At the end of the match the top three players win the prize pot and you’ll gave fallen in love with this addictive game. You can ensure that no matter what the result is, you will be glued for the whole 90 minutes by playing this hugely entertaining live fantasy football game. You can play Picklive for free and it spices up any game, with the top players bagging the booty!

Play Picklive for free now and become part of this Fantasy Football Phenomenon!

Article title: How to play Picklive and join the Fantasy Football Revolution

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