I would welcome his Arsenal move, but only on this basis

Football FanCast guest columnist Frank Jones would welcome Viera's return, but only on a player/mentor basis.

It appears that everyone has an opinion on Patrick Viera's possible return to Arsenal that I felt I should add my 10 cents worth to the argument.

While the vast majority would welcome him back, in the large part it would seem for sentimental reasons, the question still remains as to whether he has still got what it takes to be top class Premier League performer on a weekly basis; I have my doubts and would certainly question the logic of this move.

Wenger over the years has proven to be the shrewdest of operators and knows exactly when the right time to move players on, regardless of their reputation. I don't seem to remember a time it has really backfired on him, or that their departure has bought any discontent among supporters.

So what is the thinking behind it and decision to offer him a route back, some four years after he left?

It has been suggested in some reports that he will be brought in as well as Blaise Matuidi and act as his mentor and groom him for the role. If that is the case then it is a clever move on Wenger's part, although I am sure that Patrick Viera may feel slightly peeved that this will be his brief as he enters the twilight years of his career – surely he will be looking for regular football, especially with it being the World Cup year. Maybe that is what is delaying such a deal with Viera weighing up his heart and his head over such a move.

I have to concede that I would only like to see him return on this grooming basis, as I question whether he will still be able to cut it over a sustained period in the Premier League. I know there is a school of thought that Arsene's decision to get rid of him was not down to Viera losing his touch in the English game and more that he had grown stale and a move to Italy was simply because the player wanted a new challenge. I suppose only Arsene can answer that question and the reason of bringing him back certainly fuels that argument. I just hope that Wenger hasn't got designs on seeing Viera playing week in, week out, alongside Cesc as I think it represents far too much of a gamble. Bring Pat and Matuidi together by all means, but not Viera on his own.