If Arsenal are willing to pay £7m, I’ll drive him there myself!

Football FanCast guest columnist Jerry McIntyre says if Arsenal want to pay the Blues £7m
for Salomon Kalou, then he'll happily drive him up the North Circular himself.

When Salomon Kalou came
out the other week talking about his interest of a move to Arsenal I'm certain
I wasn't the only Chelsea fan who had the wryest of smiles.

Normally on occasions like
this you would normally have the hump about it, a shameful act of betrayal
considering they are one of your rivals, but it is extremely hard to feel that
way about a player that can only be described as average as best. The Ivorian
has continually flattered to deceive in all the time he has been at the Bridge
and if Arsenal want to pay us £7m that they supposedly offered in the summer,
then I'll happily drive him up the North Circular myself.

No fewer than four
managers have attempted to unlock this so called potential. He does work hard
no question about that, is skilful in possession, but time after time he gets
knocked off the ball far too easily and the less said about his finishing the
better, he doesn't offer us anything and it will forever amaze me how we let
SWP go ahead of him in August.

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So I ask the question
then what does Wenger see in the player and why Arsenal would want him. I see
his fellow Ivorian's came out yesterday talking him up, with Toure claiming
that he would love to see them team up and Eboue saying that all he use to do
was talk about the Gunners and admiration for their attacking play. This is
even more music to my ears and why I'm not usually happy with underhand
approach or blatant tapping up; you won't hear me or any fellow Blue moaning or
crying out to the FA to take action, we'll welcoming it and long may it

I don't what Arsenal fans
think about the possibility of signing Kalou, but don't get over excited
whatever you do. I know Wenger is a talented coach and is known to work minor
miracles with players, but I think he'll have his work cut out here. He is no
better than what you have got and is a waste of resource; therefore you'll be
better off looking elsewhere.

Article title: If Arsenal are willing to pay £7m, I’ll drive him there myself!

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