Is a January loan deal to Everton really the right move?

With Everton hovering just a few points above the dropzone, Manager David Moyes has turned his attention stateside in search of solutions. During Moyes’ reign as Everton boss, fans have become accustomed to a certain kind of success, which has been missing thus far this season. The weekend brought with it another disappointing defeat as 10-men Everton were trounced by a buoyant West Brom. Can a cross-Atlantic swoop stop the slump?

Moyes is keen to take on LA Galaxy’s Landon Donovan for a second loan spell at Goodison Park. He has also made it clear that he’s interested in taking on one of Donovan’s team mates on loan: David Beckham. “I hope that if David wanted to come, he would pick up the phone and call me,” Moyes told the Press. “I worked with David at Preston and if he wanted to come back to the Premier League, he would only need to phone me or Phil Neville”.

Of course, if Beckham were to head to Goodison Park, he would arrive with hefty wage-requirements. Can Everton afford to keep Beckham on the books, even if it’s only for half a season? Moyes seemed keen to impart that such a move would be financially viable for Everton. When questioned about the matter, he quipped, “I’d ask if we could make it work by selling enough shirts”. I’m not sure that it would be as easy as that. Becks arrival would put a great deal of financial strain on the club. Yes, he is an icon and his arrival would increase shirt sales and merchandise and the like, but it’s unlikely that this would be enough to cover his wages. I’m not sure that this is a move the Everton chairman will be keen to rubberstamp.

As of yet, Beckham has been somewhat tight-lipped about the matter. It seems that his foremost priority is to recover his fitness. The Brit ruptured his Achilles tendon in the build up to last summer’s World Cup. He told Sky Sports, “I’m just trying to make sure my body’s in the right condition and then I’ll think about it but I haven’t decided anything yet”. It’s clear that he’s not ready to retire and that he still holds hope for playing in England’s next major tournament. If he wants to do that, he’ll have to prove to Fabio Capello that he can still perform week in, week out at the top level. A move to Everton could provide the perfect arena for him to do just that.

Sadly, you can’t help but feel that Beckham must abandon his dream of playing for England again. He’s 35 now and is very much in the autumn of his career. I fear that a move back to the Premier League would only serve to underline how out of sorts Goldenballs really is nowadays. Everton are in genuine peril this season and need to find players who can really contribute to their cause. Whilst Becks has passion and desire, he’s never had to scrap it out in a relegation battle. Furthermore, Everton’s recent chain of bad results means that Beckham will not be viewing the club as a particularly attractive prospect.

Yes, the move would have an air of romance about it, but faced with the grim reality of the situation, I don’t think it would be a good decision for either party.

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