Is Adel Taarabt worthy of an extended deal?

Adel Taarabt is no stranger at Loftus Road since his meritorious season he had when he joined in 2010 under Neil Warnock. Queens Park Rangers FC officially announced this week that Taarabt penned a new long term contract extension to 2016 after many speculations that the game-changing player would be heading overseas to join Paris Saint Germain. After a lot of ups and downs at the club does Taarabt really deserve to be given a future at QPR or is there an unnecessary hype surrounding the Moroccan international?

Neil Warnock signed Adel after two successful loan spells from Tottenham Hotspur and upon arrival he took the Championship by storm. Adel instantly became one of the best players in the league running rings around opponents. Taarabt absolutely dominated the Championship that season and soon became QPR’s key player and was fundamental in their successful promotion bid scoring 19 goals that season for The R’s, while also receiving the Football League Player of the Year Award. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Of course this player deserves an extension’, ‘Why would you not want this player at a club?’. Because with great talent also comes strong characteristics.

Throughout Adel’s impressive 2010/2011 season at Loftus Road, there was also a downfall to his talent. He was spoilt. Neil Warnock presented him with the captaincy to attempt to mature the young Moroccan by giving him responsibility, yet this just made Rangers look like an embarrassment. He even threw an opportunity away when Manchester United scouts had come to have a look at the young spark when he threw a tantrum on the pitch before half time against Hull and requested to be substituted. This is unnecessary behaviour from a footballer especially one with great talent. It was for this reason was that Harry Redknapp got fed up with him at Spurs with his lack of effort and commitment. However at the time Warnock chose to disregard his actions and stated “We will let him have his moments in exchange for what he brings to the team” Fans would be frustrated by his attitude but Adel always seemed to be forgiven the next week. After Rangers promotion to the Premier League many critics found it difficult to settle on a place Taarabt would fit into the top flight. The spark was lost at the start of the 2011/2012 Premier League season but was soon found again under the reign of Sparky.

Neil Warnock felt it necessary to always voice how much potential Adel Taarabt had and how he was going to develop as a player, but Mark Hughes actually did it. Mark Hughes is a tough manager and has been able to tame Adel into a sophisticated young player. Adel recently told the club‘s website “I had a tough start to the season last year but I worked hard and have really enjoyed it under Mark Hughes” so Hughes must be doing something right. Adel is no longer the star at the club and has to now work for a place in the ever growing and developing team. Mark Hughes has helped Adel find his full potential and is for that reason why he has deserved his four year extension at the club. Subsequently the club could not afford to let a player like Adel Taarabt go as he is a game-changing player. Taarabt creates chances out of nothing, a player who shares those qualities are vital players in a league like the Premier League.

On top of the contract extension, Adel has earned the number ten shirt at Loftus Road which is a very important number surrounding previous players at the club. Is this a shrewd move by Mark Hughes to give Adel that extra push to play to his full potential allowing him to become one of many Queens Park Rangers legends.

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