Is buying players from South America more hassle than it’s worth?

RonaldinhoIn recent times South Americans playing in the Premier League have hardly provided enough evidence to portray themselves as cool customers with an aura of the ultimate professional. With Ronaldinho being linked to a number of clubs in the Premier League, should Premiership clubs really be interested in signing players who have a good chance of being volatile and disturbing to say the least?

Now there is no doubt that South American football has produced some of the best players to grace the footballing world, and they still do. However, time and time again we have seen their passion and enthusiasm leave them in hot water.

In recent times we have seen Carlos Tevez state his intent to return home as soon as possible only for his decision to be reversed within a number of days. We have seen Robinho basically refuse to play away from home, and we have seen former Bayern Munich and Brazilian international Elber state that “You can’t win the Champions League without any Brazilians in your team. We’ve all seen what happened in 1999. There were no Brazilians at Bayern and they lost. They fielded two Brazilians in 2001 and won the final.”

I must remind Elber that there were no Brazilians in the Manchester United team when they won the Champions League in 1999. So with Blackburn and other English clubs being tipped to sign the AC Milan forward, should there be an air of trepidation?

Ronaldinho has hardly shown himself to be the ideal acquisition for any club in recent times. With the player’s best days behind him, it has been said for some time that that Brazilian international is far too unfit to feature for a top club in a top league, and only interested in money. With the likes of Tevez and Robinho before him in the Premier League, should this be a warning sign for Blackburn as they weigh up a move for the former World player of the year?

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