Adebayor’s attitude proves refreshing

Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor

Against Wolves on Saturday, if a few more of Manchester City’s stars had showed the passion of Emmanuel Adebayor and Vincent Kompany, maybe Manchester City wouldn’t have found themselves on the end of a defeat by a club that hadn’t won since the first day of the season. How Manchester City went from a united team – with their backs to wall against Arsenal, to a team devoid of any passion, hunger or ideas must be beyond most fans. For all Emmanuel Adebayor’s faults it is difficult to question his passion for the game. He is a player that may step over the mark but his desire can’t be called into question.

On the incident, Manchester City were quick to draw a line under the spat, and Adebayor himself spoke to the clubs official website.

“Sometimes you have to shout and bawl to try and get a reaction from your team-mates and sometimes that means getting them worked up in order to do the right thing for the team,” Adebayor told City’s official website.

Of course the ugly scenes at Molineux do not do the team many favours. What must frustrate City fans is that in the second half their players had shrunk into themselves. Mario Ballotelli started the game well and looked bright but one fan described his second half performance as ‘a disaster.’ He was not the only one, the team looked flat and if Adebayor was trying, like he said, to gain some sort of reaction – well someone had to try something. It would be very easy to blame Roberto Mancini, but on the pitch the players have to take responsibility for themselves. Though it looks ugly, Adebayor’s intention was roundly positive and he can’t be faulted too much for that.

Does Saturday’s game tell us a little more about Manchester City though. Manchester City were without their inspirational captain Carlos Tevez against Wolves, and it showed. City were devoid of any ideas, and most worryingly they lacked a leader. It is easy to lead a great side when things are going well but when there are issues it is much more difficult. Clearly, captain for the day Kolo Toure does not require the skills Tevez has. The players look up to Carlos Tevez, but when he is not there will City sink in on themselves more and more often, or was this a one off.


Both Adebayor and Kompany clearly have a burning desire to succeed with this Manchester City squad. If done in the right way, such an argument can inspire a team to victory. It is very easy to say after an incident like this the squad lacks unity and the manager has lost the dressing room. In fact it was just an argument after Adebayor gave away possession and Kompany needlessly fouled Kevin Doyle. They both want to win and they hate to loose. Premier League winning teams need more players like this, and less players who accept when you concede goals. What happened on Saturday was only a show of passion Рa desire to succeed. It is not like the two had a fight on the pitch and were sent off. It was a passionate disagreement, something fans everywhere want from their players.

Emanuel Adebayor showed on Saturday his desire to play for Manchester City. As well as his disagreement with Kompany, Adebayor was one of the few City players that came out of the game with credit. His work rate and desire were matched only by James Milner and David Silva. Maybe his passion to play and win spilled over. However this incident is so different to the Adebayor of old. This was not about ego’s or off field problems, it was simply about loosing a game City should have won.

For a player who has had to make do with mainly substitute appearances in the Premier League this season, Adebayor’s attitude has been refreshing. He wanted to win and show he can lead the line as well as or even with Carlos Tevez. The worrying thing for City fans must be the performance of Mario Balotelli. On his Premier League d√©but he looked lethargic and played without desire. Compare that to Adebayor and the difference is colossal.

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