Is Harry the outstanding choice or only choice?

Outstanding or only candidate?

As soon as we learned that Fabio Capello would be standing down as England manager after the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine, it was decided by some that Harry Redknapp was the ideal choice to take over. He’d broken into the top four with Spurs and perhaps more importantly, he was English.

It’s with that criteria in which the people in the press are looking, after two ‘disasters’ with foreign managers (one even dared to break Sir Alf Ramsey’s win ratio record) it was time to look English, even if that means there is only one choice left.

There’s no doubting Harry Redknapp’s ability as a man manager, the way his squads react to him tell you everything you need to know about the type of man Harry Redknapp is, but if that’s all you need to become the outstanding candidate for England manager, then we are in deep trouble.

So far this season, Redknapp has taken Spurs to being potential Champions, to a team looking over their shoulders at Arsenal and Chelsea who are quickly catching up with them. Spurs are on a run of three straight defeats, the same form that saw Redknapp’s predecessor Juande Ramos sacked.

If you go onto google and type in next England manager odds it makes for grim reading, with Redknapp currently leading Stuart Pearce and Roy Hodgson in the betting, shortly followed by Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, both of whom who I have a better chance of becoming England manager than.

The point I am trying to make here, is that there is nobody else other than Redknapp, the only way somebody else will get the role is if;

a) Redknapp doesn’t take the job. Or

b) Sir Alex announces his retirement at Manchester United and takes over.

The press love Redknapp because he gives them time, gives them stories, how many times have we seen Redknapp in his Range Rover on transfer deadline day? I think he takes training sessions sitting in there just in case he has to shoot off and do a deal.

Redknapp has been branded the saviour of English football, a man who despite his lack of success in terms of silverware, has been declared the outstanding candidate to take over this bunch of failing superstars and turn them in European and then World Cup winners.

A load of tosh.

The press don’t want Stuart Pearce because he isn’t very good in front of them and is very defensive, meaning it’s very difficult to get stories, and as a writer I can tell you that’s your worst nightmare. The press have chosen their man and the FA, being the spineless bunch they are, will bow down and hand King Harry Redknapp his crown and the greatest English England manager that has ever lived.

Until we get beat in the quarter-finals that is.

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