Is it time for Arsenal to give up on him?

The transfer yarn of Cesc Fabregas’s proposed transfer to Barcelona must have been mentioned every summer since time began. I am slightly exaggerating but Arsenal supporters must be sick to death of the words Barcelona and Fabregas being used together.

However it appears that Arsene Wenger has finally given up on keeping the 24-year-old at the club after he has revealed that his skipper is unsettled: “He is not settled, with his injury and his situation. That has to be sorted out soon.”

Ahead of his seemingly inevitable transfer to Barcelona, the Spanish World Cup winner has not featured in any pre-season matches due to a troublesome hamstring and was left out of the squad for this weekend’s Emirates Cup. Wenger has been faced with losing key men before including when Thierry Henry decided that he had to leave Arsenal to win major trophies but I think he found the natural departure point which ultimately benefited young players like Fabregas.

Le Professeur is now unsure if he can achieve the same with Cesc: “I don’t master completely the situation- it depends on Cesc. He is in a moment when he thinks about it and it is a big concern.”

He added: “I would say he is torn between two loves- the club where he has been educated as a very young boy and the club where he had been educated from 16 onwards and he had been given a chance.”

Arsenal fans may feel that Fabregas owes them for his development and that he has unfinished business at the Emirates but I feel that by staying for the extra year he has demonstrated his commitment to the club. However another trophy-less season has passed and now Fabregas feels he has to leave to fulfil his potential and win silverware.

Cesc has been at the club since 2003 and he still has four years left on his contract but it has been clear that Cesc’s intention during the last 15 months is to leave the club. There is little point in playing hard ball with Barcelona as they are the only club he would think about joining. However if Barca are so determined to bring Fabregas back to the Nou Camp why don’t they just pay the £40m asking price and put all Arsenal fans out of their misery.

It is difficult to call Fabregas greedy for money as he only currently gets paid half what Rooney does but a fair accusation is that he is hungry for success. This hunger is something he has not been able to fulfil at the Emirates after a trophy-less six years and his European Championship and World Cup wins have only added to his desire to succeed. There has been paper talk today about Fabregas paying some of his own transfer fee to help secure the transfer which, although newspaper gossip, would be one way to achieve the transfer he obviously craves.

It now appears Valencia’s winger Juan Mata is set to be Arsenal’s third summer signing and this could well clear the space for Fabregas to finally leave with Nasri moving into his favoured position of central midfield or even giving Ramsey the chance to shine as he certainly has the potential to take over Fabregas’s role.

It is time to rebuild for the new season and although this looks to be without current skipper and talisman Fabregas whose heart is set on returning to the Nou Camp, a clear future without this uncertainty over Cesc could be just the fresh start the club desperately needs. Now to just sort out that defence…

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