Is Real deal adequate compensation for Steven Gerrard?

Real Madrid are reportedly set to launch a bid for Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and they will offer the club in excess of £30m plus either Rafael van der Vaart or Fernando Gago. With such a large offer would the club be making the right move in accepting the bid?

Everybody knows that Steven Gerrard is a world class midfielder and could probably play for any team in the world and so it’s no surprise that Real Madrid are interested in his services. As a symbol of Liverpool it would be heartbreaking for fans to see him go, just like it must be for Real Madrid fans to see Raul leaving the club this summer. However in both circumstances fans have to consider what more can they offer the club? And is it economically a good deal?

The answer in both circumstances is a resounding yes, Gerrard is now 30-years-old and to get that sort of money for someone that age is a great deal on it’s own, to get that amount plus quality midfield with it is even better. As for Raul the Spanish striker is 33 now and reportedly earns £3.3m a year at the club, so although he could maybe still have a part to play for them it would be better for Real Madrid to let him leave.

With Liverpool having very limited funds they probably need all the money they can get to go out and make new signings. The cash injection his sale would bring will enable Roy Hodgson to get them a lot of players and would significantly boost their chances of getting back into the top four next season. Both van der Vaart and Gago are great players and despite them being different types of midfielders, could both easily get into Liverpool’s team. It would just be a question of what is needed more, a defensive midfielder or an attacking one? Really a case could be made for either coming to the club with Liverpool already boasting Alberto Aquilani as an attacking midfielder and Javier Mascherano as a defensive midfielder. What would make an even better deal for the club would be if they could persuade Real to part with both midfielders plus the cash. Considering Madrid always seem to be happy to go out and buy new players it may not be such an improbable idea.

It will be very sad for everyone at Liverpool to see Steven Gerrard go and it will be a loss to the Premiership as well, but Liverpool have to look at the deal they’re being given and their current situation. It is a very generous deal and really they should be biting Real Madrid’s hand off. Nobody likes to see a symbol leave the club but unfortunately Gerrard isn’t Liverpool’s most important player anymore, that honour is now bestowed by Fernando Torres. The Spanish striker is the one player who Liverpool must do everything to keep as no doubt their resolve will be greatly tested this summer.

At 30-years-of age a move to Real Madrid would appeal greatly to Steven Gerrard as it is a club that everyone would love to play for, and the chance to represent them will probably not come around again for him. Although his departure would be with heavy hearts surely the fans would not hold it against him should he decide to leave. Gerrard himself will also recognise what a good deal the club will be getting with this transfer, and as a Liverpool lad himself he would want to ensure that they get the best deal possible for him.

Should Liverpool cash in on Gerrard, or simply spurn Real’s advances?

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