Is a change in belief the key to Liverpool challenging this season?

FanCast guest columnist
wonders if Liverpool's
failing to land a title had little to do with ability, but more to do with

Rafael Benitez has come out this morning in and claimed that a
Premier League title would rank as the greatest achievement of his management
career. That is quite something, considering what the Spaniard has already
achieved with La Liga titles and of course the Champions League, but is Rafa
going to be any closer to achieving his dream come May?

In all honesty I have found it something of a mystery that
Liverpool have continually failed to mount a successful title challenge; I mean
it is not that they don't possess the players. It makes you wonder if there if
there is an attitude problem or a negative mindset in the players as the reason
they have always seemed to fall short – it is one thing to be fully focused for
the odd Champions League game but quite another over a course of 38 games. It
does make you wonder whether Rafa has been fighting an inner frustration with
some of his players.

"You must do your job with your
players after the season has ended and in the summertime you need to do your
job with your staff,"
Rafa told the Independent.

"The key, though, is to sign the
right players with the right mentality – a winning mentality – competitive
players, players who are desperate to come here to win something – that is the
key for me."

Is Rafa
suggesting that in the past certain individuals have signed for Liverpool, felt
they have made it, but have then subsequently failed to put the application or
effort in required. Has there been a negative mindset within the club from
individuals, which is having an adverse on others?

I have been of
the belief for a long time that Rafa has been let down by certain individuals,
who blow hot and cold and never provide any real consistency. I'm glad to see
that the Spaniard is looking to address it and hope he brings in the subsequent
winners to our football club.