Is England’s decision to drop David Beckham a disgrace?

FFC columnist Joe Jennings responds to Lewis Doe's article and thinks that the decision to omit David Beckham from Fabio Capello's first England squad is a disgrace.

I'll get straight to the point. David Beckham's exclusion from the recent England squad is nothing short of a disgrace. Are you telling me there are thirty English players who are better, mentally stronger, and more influential than David Beckham? Didn't think so. Quite simply, the man has been the most consistent England player over the last 10 years, simple as.

What a slap in the face for the man who has done so much and achieved so much in the English game. Not being included is ludicrous, what significance does it have? Nothing.
Although you can argue, what has he done to influence Capello, modelling shoots galore and trips to Brazil, the man deserves that 100th cap. Don't dilute his talent with his celebrity status. More often than not, when he has been needed for his country, he delivers.
Name me a better passer of the ball in the squad than him; you'll have a tough time, that's for sure. Fair enough, maybe Gerrard comes close. Barring perhaps the top 3, name a side he wouldn't get into in the Premier League, the supposed best in the world.
England has lost the pride in the game and it's about time we got it back! Naming 1 cap wonder victims (Curtis Davies, anyone?) is not the answer. We need experience, we need calmness, and we need togetherness. We are the three lions, whatever happened to the pride in that shirt! Beckham certainly plays for the shirt.
He was our captain for five years, he single handedly took us to Japan & Korea, does that not count for anything? Where has the honour and professionalism gone from the game? We may live in a self-serving world but the fact a man who has given sweat, blood and tears for this country looks unlikely to gain a deserved 100th cap really does take the biscuit.
We should be storming Soho Square for this. I don't care what they say about Capello, but it seems to me that he is trying to prove that ''He's the boss". Sounds very familiar, Wally with a brolly anyone? I hope the fans at Wembley let Capello know of his decision.
Anyone who genuinely believes that the current crop of right sided midfielders will ''do it'' for England are quite simply smoking something unmentionable. SWP? No chance. Lennon? Get real. How many times has Becks rescued England through his talents?
Fabio you base Beckham's exclusion on ''match fitness''. But then again, Michael Owen is ''match fit'', likewise with Peter Crouch, oh and Ashley Cole!!
What Beckham has to do to get the respect he deserves really does boil my blood. Take the tinted spectacles off folks, the man deserves that 100th cap at least and depriving him of it is nothing less than spiteful and ridiculous. I really think, just like McClaren, our Italian "gaffer" will come back crawling to Becks, begging for an SOS. And you know what, Beckham will answer the pleas and you know why? He is a proud Englishman. The king is dead, long live the king.

Article title: Is England’s decision to drop David Beckham a disgrace?

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