Is Jose Mourinho the Answer To All England Fans Prayers?

FanCast columnist Ryan Sidle is convinced that the man to take the England Job is none other than Jose Mourinho, but wonders if the FA will actually have the nerve to make the call. 

England were abysmal. They lost. McClaren has been sacked. Obvious statements, especially when most are trying to over complicate things. But all the questions about Carson, Beckham, Lampard and the pointless friendly with Austria do not really need answers. There are of course two questions that do; will Brian Barwick call Jose Mourinho? And if he does, will the ‘Special One' answer the call?

Ok so it might be jumping the gun slightly to suggest the former Chelsea boss is the only man to take over from the ‘Worthless One' and inevitably the very thought of someone who doesn't possess a British passport being in charge of the England national team has led to millions shouting at the screen. Mixed together with some non Chelsea fans hating Mourinho it looks like a difficult one for him to take, in fact most would run for the hills. Luckily, Jose isn't most. 

The media circus that surrounds the England job has always been a problem. It's one reason Luis Felipe Scolari turned down the job just 15 months ago before McClaren was announced as the new manager and the FA's ‘Number one choice for the job'. McClaren also fell foul of the media scrutiny every England manager is under, and there's no need to talk about Sven's fake Sheik incident among many. No job in football comes close to such media and public pressure, in fact only the Prime Minister of the country can claim to be under as much in any job.

The closest thing to such a circus was Mourinho's Chelsea side. He made it that way in order take pressure off his players; it was all about Jose because that's how he wanted it. Which other manager sits in a press conference and names his starting line up and his oppositions. Funnily enough the ‘Special One' is quite a good manager as well as his ability to handle the media and smile in front of a camera. Two Premiership titles, two League cups, and an FA cup with Chelsea, along with a European Champions League and UEFA cup with Porto prove his ability. 

With every point there is of course a counter and some might argue that like McClaren's predecessor, Sven Goran Eriksson, Jose may be a better club manager, whose record is further enhanced by financial backing and a squad even McClaren would have done well with.

National sides would also take away the favourite part of management for Mourinho that is the day to day man management of players. So if Jose doesn't take the job whose left? World Cup winning Italian Marcelo Lippi? England admirer Fabio Capello? Brian Barwick's long time target Martin O'Neil?

Whoever the FA decide to bring in, they will soon find out the extent of the job in hand, starting with Sunday and the draw for the World Cup qualifiers.