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Is there genuine cause for concern at Tottenham?

Football FanCast guest columnist Ronnie Kelsey wonders whether there is cause for concern among Spurs supporters.

Anyone who frequented the Beehive Pub, just up the road from the Reebok stadium on Saturday, was caught up in the rumour frenzy that was gripping the Tottenham support. Text messages were coming in that this was to be Harry's last game in charge at the helm, and the talk around the pub was where we go from here.

While many were dismissive of it and felt it was just one bad rumour, others were uncertain due to the intricate details and reasoning behind his possible departure. Five days on we are no nearer to know what is going on, but with newspaper reports, Harry offering his defence and rumours that he has been released on bail for another two weeks; is there actually genuine cause for concern?

Harry Redknapp is adamant he has done nothing wrong and believes there is some sort of witch-hunt out against him and while that may well be true, I can't help feel that it may not be as straight forward as Harry is attempting to paint it. I can't believe (like Harry suggested) that so much money would be wasted in trying to get some mud to stick, if they weren't confident of getting some sort of result against him.

Of course the other way you can look at it is that they are so desperate to get some sort of result, given that this taskforce has failed miserably to convict anyone to date that perhaps Harry represents their last opportunity to prove it hasn't been a total waste of what is taxpayer's money, therefore they are simply clutching at straws in the hope of digging something up.

I have to confess that I am genuinely worried about all this, for the simple reason that the last thing we need is more upheaval at the football club. October has become synonymous for major change in the last few years and it is a huge source of frustration, not only for supporters but arguably the players, therefore the need to get this situation resolved sooner rather than later is of paramount importance. I don't believe for a minute that the players weren't unsettled on Saturday, especially with their performance in the first half and the last thing we need is the team becoming unsettled due to off-field matters, given our excellent start to the season. Harry is convinced he has done nothing wrong and is being wrongly accused, well for the sake of the football club I hope that actually proves the case.

Article title: Is there genuine cause for concern at Tottenham?

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