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Is there more with Rafa and this transfer rumour than meets the eye?

FanCast columnist
wonders if there is more to
this Tevez rumour than meets the eye.

We all know that newspapers like a transfer rumour,
hey it sells their publications, but sometimes they get so ridiculous that it
makes you question the sanity of the editors in publishing them, I mean ‘Tevez
to Liverpool’, do me a favour.

Yes it would be the perfect move and story for them.
I mean here is a player who is much loved and worshipped delivering the
ultimate betrayal by crossing the great divide, the outcry would be immense and
Tevez will be living through hell for the rest of his time in the North West.

Of course in my eyes hell has more chance of
freezing over than this transfer ever taking place, but what intrigues me about
this rumour is that I believe there is more to it than meets the eye. I mean
Rafa Benitez is normally very quick to KO rumours as he has proven in the past,
but I just wonder If the Spaniard has decided to turn a deaf ear to it and let
it manifest a little, not only to wind up United but as a little bit of power
politics over Sir Alex Ferguson. Who can forget Fergie’s sticking his oar in
and preventing Heinze from moving to Anfield, which subsequently saw the
Argentine move to Madrid? The difference is that with Tevez out of contract at
United it is suddenly out of his hands and he knows we are well within our
rights to approach him with a deal.

It is the perfect situation and I wonder if Rafa is
simply milking this uncertainty to unsettle his old adversary and wind him up.
I mean let’s be honest we certainly haven’t got the £30m that is needed to sign
him, nor do we need a player who isn’t exactly prolific in front of goal and
therefore hardly the ideal understudy for Fernando Torres. Maybe there is
method in Rafa’s silence and we can only hope that it has the desired effect.

Article title: Is there more with Rafa and this transfer rumour than meets the eye?

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